Buying Celestial Shades

When choosing window treatments for the home, the base should be some type of shade or blind. As a new homeowner, you may not be aware of all the many types of shades and blinds available on the market today. What you do know is that you want to block the sunlight, filter light and have a stylish space. So which shade type do you choose? A celestial shade is a modern approach to filtering sunlight, providing you with a quality window covering that is both functional and stylish. Learn more about this shade type below.

Light Filtering Capabilities with Double Layered Shades

Celestial shades offer a sheer design that is both pleasing to the eye as well as efficient to the home for filtering light. Celestial shades come in various shapes and designs, with color options to help coincide with the décor of your home. Light is gently filtered through the material which helps to protect the inside of the home from harmful rays from the sun as well as provide an element of privacy in the home. At Custom Window by Robert A. Kline, you will be assisted with your search in finding the best celestial shades for your home.

Celestial Shades Installed

Mr. Kline is happy to use his 40+ years of experience in the industry to assist you in selecting the blinds which are right for your taste, your room, and your budget and install them for you too.
Celestial shades can be corded, cordless or operated with wireless remote control which can even be set to raise and lower on a timer!

Maintaining Celestial Shades

This shade type is easy to maintain, which makes it perfect for families or busy couples. You just dust the shade or wipe with a damp cloth to clean. The shades are also easy to install so once they are up, you will have instant light filtering capabilities. Because the shades are so easy to clean, you do not have a quick gathering of dust as what can accumulate on traditional blinds.

Celestial shades come with a cordless design so that you can easily adjust the shade to allow light in or to block the sunshine completely. You have complete control and can easily add natural light to a space or create more privacy in any room of the home from the outside world.

Mr. Kline is happy to assist with your window covering needs. Contact Custom Window today to learn more about celestial shades and how you can design a functional and quality home.

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