With energy prices ever on the rise, we are all looking for ways to cut costs while still keeping our homes comfortable in both hot and cold weather. But did you know that maintaining comfort while increasing energy efficiency may be as simple as checking your windows and putting up the right window treatments?

How to Make Windows More Energy Efficient

energy efficient blindsFirst and foremost, there are a few things you can do to your windows and doors themselves to ensure they are as energy efficient as possible. You’ll want to check them all to make sure they are properly weather-stripped and caulked, especially in a basement or around a storm window or door. Additionally, if you’re going to be running your heating or air conditioning system, be sure all windows are locked so that they are as airtight as possible.

No matter what type of coverings you have on your windows, you can also put them to use to save energy. Opening your blinds or shades on a sunny winter day will allow your rooms to heat naturally throughout the day. Keeping window coverings closed in the hottest part of the summer helps your house stay cooler. 

The Right Window Treatments for Energy Efficiency

Your choice of window treatments can also help increase your home’s energy efficiency. Hunter Douglas, one of the leading brands of window treatments, offers a variety of solutions, including the following:

-Insulated window treatments that help keep extreme seasonal conditions out and help your heating and cooling units work more effectively.

-Solar heat control that minimizes the amount of sun coming in during the summer and increases it during the winter for natural heating and cooling.

-Daylighting window treatments that help bring natural light into your rooms, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

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