In most homes, window treatments are used as a décor piece as well as having a function. Blinds and shades are added to the windows of the home to block the sunlight, promote energy efficiency in the home as well as being stylish in design. One option that homeowners can use that offers a host of benefits are honeycomb shades. Also known as cellular shades, this window covering type works well in every room to provide comfort in the home.

Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

To begin, one benefit provided by honeycomb shades is light filtering capabilities. You will be able to block or filterhoneycomb shades light in every room of your home. Depending on how your windows are situated, you may have some rooms in the home that become hot and too bright due to the sun. By using these shades, you can lower the temperature in the room as well as avoid too much sun in the space.

Another benefit is noise reduction. This shade type is an insulator of sorts so they help to block the noise from the outside. When you live in a busy area or just want to ensure peace and quiet, honeycomb shades can help. Another plus to honeycomb shades is that they can be installed cordless. This helps with child safety in the home. Blinds and shades can be a hazard in the home when long cords are present as children can become entangled.

Overall, there are many benefits to installing this shade type in the home. You have the option of choosing various styles and colors to help your décor coincide within each room or within the entire home. Mr. Kline is happy to use his 40+ years of experience in the industry to assist you in selecting the blinds which are right for your taste, your room, and your budget and install them for you too.

Installing Honeycomb Shades in Philadelphia and South Jersey

Hunter Douglas is one of our partners in honeycomb shades.  Our honeycomb shades are energy efficient, come in a range of fabrics, and many colors and textures.  

Serving both residential and commercial customers in Philadelphia and South Jersey, Mr. Kline has over 40 years of experience in the window covering industry. Through the decades, Mr. Kline has learned what customers like and want. With his expertise, you can easily find the right shades for your home, to block the light, provide energy efficiency and more.

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