1″ mini blinds are commonly used in the home in order to block sunlight as well as a type of room décor. Blinds come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as color and materials in order to meet your décor needs. 1” blinds are the common choice among homeowners as they are affordable and easy to install. 1” mini blinds can be found at such retailers as Walmart for as low as $4 but if you want something classy and in a specific color to match your décor, then you may want to consider custom made blinds. They come in both vinyl and aluminum.

Aluminum Mini Blinds or Vinyl?

Mini blinds come in either aluminum or vinyl. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl blinds are flexible and resilient. If your blinds can be grasped by the hands of children, you may want to choose vinyl. The slats of aluminum blinds can crease and dent and will not return to their original shape. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages in this article entitled Aluminum vs. Vinyl Blinds.

1″ Custom Mini Blinds Installed

Custom Window by Robert A. Kline installs everything we sell. We will even repair your old blinds, if possible, even if you didn’t get them from us originally.

The blinds will be custom sized to the window sizes in your home as well as created with a particular style in mind. You choose the color, size and other features on offer including motorization. Window treatment motorization allows you to close and open the blinds easily with a push of a button. This particular feature comes in handy for the elderly or individuals with disabilities. Motorization can also be set on timer so you can actually take advantage of allowing or blocking light in the case where you may want to permit the rays of the sun to warm your naturally, or block the sun to prevent the sun from heating it up.

Overall, custom blinds can create a visually stunning look in your home or office while providing the ability to control the amount of light which enters. At Custom Window by Robert A. Kline, Mr. Kline can easily assist you with choosing the perfect blinds. With more than 40 years of experience in the window covering industry, Mr. Kline uses his knowledge to help you install the right blinds for your home needs.

Let Robert Kline guide you through the decision-making process when it comes to blinds. Custom Window serves residential and commercial customers in several areas of both southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.

1" custom mini blinds-custom colors and sizes

Custom mini blinds can be made in vinyl or aluminum and in custom colors. Cordless option is available as well as motorization!

Light Filtering or Room Darkening Mini Blinds

Mini blinds can let some light pass or if you prefer blackout blinds for the bedroom, we can make them for you too. All the latest window covering fashions and innovations are available when you choose to work with the top window treatments professional serving South Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area.

Custom Made Mini Blind Suppliers

One of our preferred suppliers of custom mini blinds is Bali. We have been partnering with Bali for decades to bring high quality window fashions to homes and businesses from The Main Line to The Shoreline for over 40 years.

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Robert Kline has been serving owners of fine homes, businesses and organizations with custom blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies since 1977 (over 40 years!).

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