Apart from standard blinds, there are many ways in which to block the sunlight and harmful UV rays from entering the home. One such option is roller shades. In the past, the classic roller shade consisted of a tube that was installed at the top of the window sill and the shade was pulled down to provide light filtration. Now, with new technology, roller shades offer so much more. from light filtering to room darkening, roller shades offer homeowners a whole new way to decorate as well as provide light blocking function.

When Do You Need Custom Window Shades?

Traditional roller shades can be purchased fairly cheaply and your local home store, but if you want a huge step up in quality, functionality and custom color, you need to go with a window treatment professional to provide the best solution with proper installation.

Roller shades can be used in a variety of areas within the home. Traditionally, roller shades would be placed in Roller Shades Installedwindows to block the sun. Today’s roller shades can be placed over sliding glass doors, entry door windows, as well as the standard windows of the home. Roller shades created today provide a number of functions including blocking intense sunlight, providing comfort in the home as well as energy efficiency.

Shades can be used to block the sun but still allow for visibility outdoors. This shade type is known as a solar screen. Homeowners basically have the ability to use roller shades throughout the home for various benefits. The affordable option can be used in one specific area for sun blocking or throughout the home for a variety of functions.

Overall, roller shades provide function and style. Easily cover any window or glass door area to block the sun, promote energy efficiency and provide comfort in the home.

Mr. Kline is happy to use his 40+ years of experience in the industry to assist you in selecting the roller shades which are right for your taste, your room, and your budget and install them for you too.

Roller Shades Installed in Philadelphia and South Jersey

Hunter Douglas is one of our partners in roller shades.  Roller shades are perfect for any room, including sun room or patio.  They are available in many fabric choices as well as varying levels opacity. 

The average homeowner has little knowledge when it comes to window shades, especially roller shades. At Custom Window by Robert A. Kline, knowledge and experience are provided to help you learn more about filtering light in the home as well as enjoy quality benefits such as motorized shades, outdoor visibility and more.

Mr. Kline has more than 40 years in the industry of window coverings and loves to use his knowledge to help others have a lovely home that provides function and style when it comes to blinds and shades. Contact Custom Window today to start the conversation with the area’s most experienced custom window fashions professional in the Philadelphia and South Jersey region.

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