Matching colors, patterns, and fabrics, puts a sort of distinguished and intentional signature onto a room. Like dressing for a special occasion, the fabrics and colors on your furniture, bedding, pillows, window treatments, and walls all come together to make a statement.

Custom Upholstery Professional in South Jersey

Custom Window is more that just a window treatment specialist. He also provides creative and decorative solutions with fabric.

Take this old wooden country style swing. We ordered a high quality foam pad, the size of a twin bed mattress, for the seat cushion. Then we upholstered it with the client’s custom-design and color preference, and covered the throw pillows to match.

Not only has this quaint, classic been out back to good use, it’s now a conversation piece that brings more joy to the owners and their guests.

Custom fabrics and upholstery expert in South Jersey

New cushion, upholstered to the client’s taste with matching throw pillows brings this classic porch swing back to life.

Custom Designed Curtains

When is a door not a door? When it’s a curtain!

We make curtains work for homes and businesses, meeting rooms ballrooms. Styling and functionality combine for for aesthetic appeal, comfort, and economy.

In the image below, a client in South Jersey decided she wanted something different for her closets. Tired of clunky bi-fold doors, she toyed with the idea of fabric. We put some ideas together and made up some nice curtains to cover her closet and add that certain splash of color and design with which she is quite pleased.

Custom curtains-New Jersey

Closet doors compromise space in smaller rooms. A great looking curtain saves space and adds beauty at the same time. We can help you match your curtains, bedding, and window treatments.

Custom Window by Robert A. Kline, a professional window treatments and fabric specialist works with home owners, business owners, and interior designers, for over 40 years.

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