No finger-pointing-no blame game. When you choose Custom Window by Robert A. Kline, he’s with you, your project and your window treatments every step of the way.

One Man, 4 Specialties. No Excuses…Ever.

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  • Installer
  • Repairs and Service Department
  • Customer Service
Custom window treatments sales, installations, repairs

I’m Robert A. Kline. I’m your one point of contact and take full responsibility of serving you and assuring your total satisfaction. With more than 40 years of pleasing owners of fine homes and businesses, I confidently make you the promise of total satisfaction. Shop around. Learn what’s available.

When you choose Custom Window by Robert A. Kline, you’re getting something that’s very rare these days-COMPLETE SERVICE with ONE point of contact and ONE person responsible for your total satisfaction. Getting all you expected (and more) is not the norm these days. But it it IS the norm for us.

CUSTOM WINDOW by Robert A. Kline

We streamline the design process & eliminate any ‘blame-game’.
In the clear majority of window treatment projects, there are a minimum of two people

1. The Designer/decorator creates the design concept; treatment style, color, scale,
accessorizing, hardware…, the aesthetic side of things. The designer might be
submitting the specs to a workroom/fabricator, but it is crucial they are speaking the
same language.
2. The installer hangs the treatment, typically everything is fine. However, problems can
and do occur, either from the decorators’ lack of mechanical knowledge or failing to
notice some aspect of the project.
If there is a problem that can’t be resolved quickly, finger pointing can occur and/or
an alteration or remake might be required. Deadlines might be missed.

With Custom Window by Robert A Kline, there are four specialists uniquely involved.

1. We view each project aesthetically. Is this treatment correct for the room, is the color,
scale, operation, trimming appropriate for what the client wishes to achieve?

2. The job is specified with an emphasis on the mechanical aspect. Is what the client
desires mechanically do-able? Is there something near the window that interferes with
correct operation? Our workroom has suggested we hold a seminar in how to write a
clear concise work order.

3. The installer has been hanging treatments since day one in this business. Proper
tools & mounting hardware, along with tall ladder or scaffolding if required, is utilized.

4. Sometimes treatments require service. Cords break, cordlocks wear out. Rods may
require lubrication. Drapes might need re-lining. Treatments can enjoy an extended life
in another location, a bit of alteration may be required.

All four the above specialties are fulfilled by one person, Robert A Kline. Are we perfect
in every aspect on every job? No, only one person has ever lived a flawless life, and it
sure isn’t Robert. But our goal is to fulfill our clients’ desires & dreams as smoothly as
possible, with no glitches.

This is what makes us different from many other window treatment dealers.