When it comes to using blinds in the home or office, there are many variations. Such materials as faux wood, natural wood, aluminum, and vinyl are used to create blinds of varying colors and sizes for use in the home. Blinds are installed as a window covering for design quality as well as the ability to block the sunlight and UV rays from the home. Vertical blinds are a type of window covering commonly used for patio doors, such as sliding glass doors. However, such blinds can also be used for shorter windows. Learn more about this blind type below and its use in the home or office.

Are Vertical Blinds The Right Choice

Most homeowners are generally familiar with traditional blinds that operate horizontally. Traditional blinds have slats that run horizontally and will open and close to let in or shut out sunlight. With vertical blinds, the slats run vertically. Materials used in creating such blinds can range from fabric to vinyl and wood. In the window treatment industry, technology and fashion trends are always considered when making blinds, including vertical options. Such blinds can be customized to fit the desired area of your home, including patio doors and smaller window spaces.

Custom Vertical Blinds

The material and color options for vertical blinds are almost unlimited. The can be operated manually or by remote contol.

Installing Vertical Blinds

The most common form of installation for vertical blinds is with patio doors. Often times, sliding glass doors are used to reach a patio or deck area from inside the home. These doors are made of glass and will be a large area where sunlight can filter through. Privacy may also be a concern. With vertical blinds, you can shut off the visual from this portion of the home as well as block sunlight. Vertical blinds can be opened as needed, for access to the outdoors or to let in a little light.

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