Interior designers and decorators know that every single element of a room is important in creating a cohesive look that their clients will love, but some aspects end up becoming an afterthought. One of the most common areas where this happens is with window treatments. All too often, window treatments are either the last thing chosen as part of a design, or left out of a design plan altogether, with the idea that they are more for function than for style.

However, the right window coverings can really pull a design together, and create a bold statement or focal point in any room. That’s why all interior custom window blindsdesigners and decorators should consider them more carefully.

The Basics of Window Treatment and Design

Function is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the right window treatments for a room. Do you just need beautiful curtains to add a final aesthetic touch to the room? Are you creating sleek, simple lines with blinds or shades that the client can use to control the light coming into the room? Does your client need blackout curtains in order to sleep during the day or to allow babies and children to rest? These considerations will help you choose window treatments that will fit in with your design aesthetic, as well as meet your client’s needs.

Pick the Right Window Treatments for Your Clients

You’ll also need to choose the right elements. Window treatments come in hard and soft types. Hard treatments include wood, aluminum, or vinyl custom window treatments in NJ and Phillyblinds, shutters, or shades, which are meant to provide privacy and light control. Soft treatments are fabric drapes or curtains, which soften the style of a window and add elements like color and pattern to a design. Making use of both hard and soft treatments creates a layered look that features style and functionality in equal measure.

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